Intel & Spectrum Dominance

Scientific & Technical Intelligence (S&TI ) Analysis

  • All-source intelligence data analysis of foreign radar, missile seekers, and other sensor technologies
  • Significant expertise in Integrated Technical Evaluation & Analysis of Multiple Sources (ITEAMS) projects to characterize the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and limitations of foreign air & missile defense threats
  • Software Reverse-Engineering (SWRE) and analysis
  • Detailed standalone sensor modeling & simulation to supplement system assessment and reporting
  • Comprehensive analysis of all major sensor subsystems: antenna, transmitter, receiver/signal processor, detection & tracking algorithms, operator displays and controls

Threat Modeling & Simulation

  • Analytic level & high-fidelity threat system modeling derived from detailed S&TI intelligence analyses
  • Models of all threat sensor design subsystems: waveform scheduling, antenna/transmitter, digital beam forming, receiver/signal processor, detection/tracking, electronic protection, operator displays and controls
  • Integration of software-in-the-loop (SIL) models with stand-alone environment propagation simulations to evaluate closed-loop system performance in all-digital simulations
  • Integration of SIL sensor models into more complex integrated air defense simulations (IADS) to evaluate networked enhanced system performance or vulnerabilities

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL)

  • Mixed-signal hardware design and development for RF hardware-in-the-loop testing of advanced threat systems
  • Hard real-time HWIL integration with T&E countermeasures equipment to evaluate electronic attack (EA) performance against assessed electronic protection (EP)
  • Real-time operating system integration and optimization
  • Hardware and firmware design supporting advanced waveform generation, digital down-conversion, high-speed signal sampling, FFT-based matched filter processing

Installed System Test Facility (ISTF) & Open-Air Range Test & Evaluation Support

  • HWIL extension supporting closed-loop integration and test within ISTF and other anechoic facilities
  • Integration of models with real-time open-air range assets
  • Range interface development to ingest real-time platform Time Space Position Information (TSPI)
  • Subscale radar prototype integration and testing supporting both anechoic and range test applications