Seeker Systems and Integration

The Seeker Systems and Integration Department provides customers a broad range of high-fidelity simulation environment components, including waveforms, processors and algorithms. Expertise also includes RF datalinks, hardware-in-the-loop systems, and real-time radar digital signal processing.

Air and Missile Defense

Aviation & Missile Solutions personnel have been supporting the IFMC Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) program office for over 17 years. AMS is now a proud partner with Intrepid, LLC to continue providing exceptional engineering services and SETA support to ensure the Program Executive Office Missiles and Space provides the warfighter an IAMD capability in a manner that supports integration of current and future sensors and shooters while providing a common mission command across all echelons within a Joint system of systems architecture.

Radar Systems Technologies

The Radar Systems Technologies Department provides customers a broad range of radar expertise, ranging from antenna technologies, active array technologies, performance assessments, algorithm development, detection, tracking and advanced signal processing. Applications include high-fidelity simulations, hardware-in-the-loop systems, and open-air systems.