Seeker Systems and Integration

Missile Seekers and Sensors

  • Radar and seeker algorithm analysis, development and implementation for high-fidelity simulation environments
  • RF simulations with environmental effects and interferers used to analyze sensor phenomenologies
  • Waveform analysis, design, development and testing
  • Electronic protection development and analysis
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) scene generation and algorithm development

RF Datalinks

  • High-fidelity RF datalink simulation with environmental and jammer effects
  • Datalink integration, test planning, execution, and analysis
  • Advanced datalink design, simulation, and prototyping
  • Datalink waveform analysis, development, and prototyping
  • RF hardware-in-the-loop testing and evaluation for advanced datalink development

Radar Integration

  • Radar system integration expertise and experience with Sentinel A4, LTAMDS, AN/TPQ-53, and AN/TPQ-50
  • Next-generation radar architecture design and implementation including real-time radar digital signal generation, stimulation, and data processing
  • Open System Architecture design, development, and integration using common industry standards and processes
  • High-performance computing using GPU and high-throughput computing devices and architectures
  • Constructive all-digital M&S development and integration using industry standards such as DIS IEEE-1278, HLA IEEE-1516, and custom simulation frameworks.