Radar Systems Technologies

Radar Analysis/Simulation/Modeling/Algorithms

  • Surveillance and fire-control sensors
  • Electromagnetics, signal/data processing, control systems
  • Antennas/arrays/beamforming
  • Active Electronic Scanning Antennas (AESA)
  • Detection/tracking/association
  • Clutter/multipath/EA modeling and mitigation
  • Combat Identification
  • Performance assessment and algorithm development
  • Varying levels of modeling fidelity

Hardware/Software/Firmware Prototyping

  • Radar system design,  development, and implementation
  • Concept evaluations
  • Data collection sensors / environment verification
  • Large tracking radars
  • State-of-the-art (SOTA) digital array radars

Test Support

  • Test planning, predictions, and preparations
  • Test execution and real-time data collection
  • Quick-look tool development and analysis
  • Radar sensor performance validation
  • Post-test reconstructions