The Talent

The power of AMS’s proprietary 3SX path to mission success is its people. There is no finer or more highly trained group of engineering strategists and tacticians in the world than the organizations and individuals that AMS has the honor of being able to call on for any mission assignment, no matter how demanding, no matter in what field of technology.

We have over 60 Team Members using their own GSA Schedule, and over 170 subcontractors using the AMS GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Schedule GS-23F-0017P.

Team Members

5-D Systems, Inc.
AASKI Technology, Inc.
Aero Thermo Technology, Inc.
AI Signal Research, Inc.
Alpha Beta Technologies, Inc.
Analytical Services, Inc.
Andromeda Systems Incorporated
Applied Technologies Group, Inc.
A-P-T Research, Inc.
Aranea Solutions, Inc.
Archarithms, Inc.
Avion Solutions, Inc.
Avnik Defense Solutions Inc.
BCF Solutions, Inc.
BFA Systems, Inc.
Bonham Technologies, Inc.
Bradshaw Engineering and Technical Services
Camber Corporation
Canvas, Inc.
CAS, Inc.
CFD Research Corporation
CGI Federal Inc.
Cintel, Inc
COLSA Corporation
Cortina Solutions LLC
Craft Designs, Inc.
Davidson Technologies, Inc.
Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc.
DCS Corporation
decibel Research, Inc.
DESE Research, Inc.
Digital Fusion Solutions, Inc.
Dynetics, Inc.
Five Stones Research Corporation
GaN Corporation
Gleason Research Associates Incorporated
HigherEchelon, Inc.
Hypersoft, Inc.
Integration Innovation, Inc.
Intrepid, LLC

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation
Invariant Corporation
Iron Mountain Solutions, Inc.
ISPA Technology, LLC
Issac Corp.
Kord Technologies, Inc.
Logicore Corporation
MCR Federal, LLC
Millennium Systems Services, Inc.
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.
nLogic, LLC
nouSystems, Inc
NTA, Inc.
PPT Solutions, Inc.
Premier Professional Systems, Inc
QTEC, Inc.
Quantitech Inc.
Radiance Technologies, Inc.
Science Applications International Corporation
Sentar, Inc.
Sigmatech, Inc.
Simulation Technologies, Inc.
System Dynamics International Incorporated
Techni-Core Engineering Inc.
Technology Service Corporation
Tecolote Research, Inc.
Tec-Masters, Inc
Torch Technologies, Inc.
Total Computer Solutions, Inc
Trident Technologies, LLC
Trideum Corporation
TriVector Services, Inc
Troy 7, Inc
Vision Centric Inc.
Venturi, Inc.
Wavelink, Inc.
Westar Aerospace & Defense Group, Inc.


Advanced Rotocraft Technology, Inc.
Aegis Technologies Group, Inc., The
Aleta Technologies, Inc.
Applied Analytical Solutions, Inc.
ATA Engineering, Inc.
Automatek Incorporated
Banner Defense, Inc.
Barcs Aero Consulting
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Brockwell Technologies, Inc.
C K M Corp.
CKS Technologies, LLC
Clausewitz Technology
Crossflow Technologies, Inc.
Dale Technical Services, Inc.
Delta Research, Inc.
DMS Technology, Inc.
Drodex, Inc.
DS Engineering, Inc.
EJ Consulting, Inc.
Emerald City Initiatives, Inc.
Engility Corporation
Envention LLC
Fowler Trading Company, Inc.
FreEnt Technologies, Inc.
Government Energy Solutions, Inc.
H D C LLC, The
H2L Solutions, Inc.
Harris Corporation

Intelligent Payload Solutions, Inc.
JB Management, Inc.
KBM Enterprises, Inc.
Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services, Inc.
Logistics Management Institute
MacAulay-Brown, Inc
Madison Research Corporation
Nterspec Technologies, LLC
Oasis Systems, LLC
Omicron Research Corporation
On-Line Applications Research Corporation
Optical Sciences Corporation
Parsons Government Services, Inc.
Penta Research Incorporated
Peopletec, Inc.
Rapid Imaging Software, Inc.
Research Associates Of Syracuse, Inc.
Signature Research, Inc.
Signature Solutions, Inc.
Solid State Scientific Corporation
Stonehaven Technologies, Inc.
T&T Systems Engineering, LLC
T&W Operations, Inc.
Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc.
Tucson Embedded Systems, Inc.
Victory Solutions, Inc.