The most important word for protecting the warfighter is “operational.” We make it operational, and your 3SX SUSTAIN Team keeps it operational, whenever and wherever, for the life of the mission product or system.

Whether it’s a sidearm or a satellite, the AMS Technical Assignment Council puts together an all-star SUSTAIN Team of Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) for total support to deploy, maintain and sustain. We provide any and all training and manuals necessary—not with gratuitous technobabble, but with accessible, pertinent, to-the-point instructions and information.

We also supply fast, efficient and reliable reachback support for every mission product and system, large or small, simple or complex. No matter the need, whether for increased supply, replacement parts, updates, revisions, or full on-site response, your AMS 3SX SUSTAIN Team is there for you, on call when you need them, with the logistics, brainpower, and manpower to guarantee success.

Get your next mission supercharged. Get 3SX.