Every mission begins with a need or a problem, and every solution begins with insightful analysis of that need or problem. The AMS Technical Assignment Council (TAC) hand-picks a carefully vetted SEE Team of senior engineers and specialty technicians to analyze every mission task down to the finest detail.

This 3SX SEE Team brings visionary focus to every aspect of the task assignment, from system definition and requirements, to functional analysis, to design synthesis and system architecture. The core SEE Team can also draw on a deep bench of advanced engineering talent from a vast variety of specialized disciplines to augment the team, including mechanical, electrical, IT, cybernetics, munitions, armament, aerospace, structural, chemical, topographical, and environmental.

There is no challenge too big, or any category of mission too esoteric. Once the SEE Team has submitted its findings and specifications, TAC assembles the hand-picked SOLVE Team to turn hard-science visions into battle-ready reality.